4. Backward CompatibilityĀ¶

From version 4.1.0, the following code-generation options can be used for reverting to previous FORCES PRO behaviours:

  • separateCasadiFiles = 1. From version 4.1.0, the old _model files are all gathered in a single _casadi file. To enable the old behaviour, ie splitted model files, please set separateCasadiFiles = 1.

  • size_one_param_as_array = 1. From version 4.1.0, when using the PDIP_NLP method only, all parameters of size one are treated as scalars by default in order to be compatible with the Matlab coder. This option enables users to revert to the previous behaviour, ie scalar parameters as arrays of size one.

  • legacy_integrators = 1. From version 4.1.0, code-generated integrators, which are part of the solver library, are used with explicit integrators only. This option enables users to revert to the old behaviour where integrators are generated on the client.